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Citrus Alarm Clock

An alarm clock that wakes you relaxed and on time with your own music collection
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21 June 2010

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What is the very first most difficult thing to do in the morning? The unanimous answer coming from each one of us would be waking up early on time. The most necessary evil of all times has been the requirement of getting up from slumber early in the morning for which the most hated device is used i.e. the alarm clock. This facility has been designed to create a loud and jarring sound to effectively wake us up for the new day; however not each one us have a great day starting on such a noisy note and would prefer a slight change in the audio. Citrus Alarm Clock 2.3 is a program that effectually facilitates in waking us in a more relaxed and peaceful manner.

Citrus Alarm Clock doesn’t have much of an interface to talk about; however contains a compact looking tab that displays the time and plays the music as an alarm in the morning in a more relaxed and melodious manner. The program uses the user’s personal music collection for this purpose and chooses the songs individually or even organizes them into a playlist that can be randomly shuffled. When it is time to set off the alarm, the program would automatically wake the computer system from its sleep state while mixing the music in between to avoid any startled wake up. The music gently fades in the background with a calming effect on the individual and even facilitates setting of different music tracks for different days. It also contains a snooze option by pressing the space bar or through pressing the middle button of a wireless mouse.

To conclude, Citrus Alarm Clock 2.3 certainly proves to be an easy and simple utility that works on a soother note to wake us and hence gets a rating score of four points owing to its pleasant premise and functions.

Publisher's description

Citrus Alarm Clock is a software alarm clock that helps you wake up relaxed and on time. Citrus uses your own music collection and you can choose songs individually or organize them into shuffleable playlists. When it's time to wake up, Citrus will automatically wake your computer from its low-power sleep state and gently fade in your music so you're not startled awake. You can even set different alarm times for different days. If you want to rest a little longer, just tap the space bar to snooze, or keep a wireless mouse at your bedside and press the middle button, just like a bedside alarm clock!
Citrus Alarm Clock
Citrus Alarm Clock
Version 2.3
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